Nothing Scared us Enough

by downer

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released May 13, 2016

Recorded by Austin Romanuski and Josh O'Hara at Rowan University

Mixed and mastered by Josh O'Hara

Album art by Austin Romanuski and Josh O'Hara



all rights reserved


downer Tabernacle, New Jersey


Tabernacle, NJ

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Track Name: Am I Alone
20 years and I've got nothing to show for it
A cold dark world is all that I know and it's
Killing me inside I'm always thinking this way
A deadbeat pessimist with nothing to say

Everyone's so sure they know exactly what to do
Close your eyes bow your head say a prayer
Still I haven't heard from you

A form I was never meant to hold
These bones are hallow; this breath is cold

So tell me where the hell are you know?
I scream your name and you don't make a sound
And I could really use your help right now
But you left here to rot in the cold hard ground

Where the fuck are you now?
Why won't you make a sound?

Am I alone
Track Name: The Ocean (You Better Pray I Get Locked Up)
When I close my eyes all I see is your body
Lifeless and dying
I've been spending my days thinking
of all the different ways to make you disappear
You stole my peace of mind
And it keeps me up at night
But I'm hear now to make this right with a knife
I'll take your life
With my hands around your throat
I've never felt so alive
I'll make you pay for what you did to her
For what you did to me; mental agony
If you believe in a god then I suggest that you start praying
Do you think that God will save you?

And I'm not sure just where to begin
I'm not sure where to plunge my knife in
I'm not sure where to begin
I'll dump your body in the ocean
(You better pray I get locked up)