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Recorded in Tabernacle, New Jersey.
Originally recorded by Hail to the Thief
Re-Released under the name "Downer"


released January 28, 2014

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downer Tabernacle, New Jersey


Tabernacle, NJ

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Track Name: what's with all the anchors?
Smoke fills the room, as I scream out your name.
You're burning me alive; your words are the flames.
Its time to give up; its time to give in.
I self destruct, implode from within.

I lost control.
Running from nothing,
with nowhere to hide.
I'm barely breathing,
am I still alive?

Take one last breath, as this place goes up flames.
It's over now, these fires can't be tamed.
It's time to give up; it's time to give in.
Think to myself what could've been.
Track Name: reaching out
Zoning out, holding tight.
I've been running these lines all night.
Focused hard on every single word,
to let you know this is absurd.

Can you hear me,
is anyone listening?
I'm reaching out with an unsure hand
and a mind plagued with doubt.

Breathing deep, sleeping less.
Maybe you leaving is for the best.
You never meant a word you said,
trying desperately to get you out of my head.
Track Name: honesty
And if you knew how sick I really was,
would you save me or let me fall?
For fear that I was too far gone
and if you knew how I felt,
would you take me or let me go?

Because people go crazy for reasons,
reasons we don't know.

This madness fills my head,
is this happening again?
I find comfort in knowing that I'm slowly dying.
If I say that I'm alright, just know I'm lying.

If someone had told me I'd changed,
I wouldn't argue, because I know I'm not the same.
I went to war inside my head and lost.
I didn't fight hard enough and now I pay the cost.

I just wanted to mean something to someone.
But now I'm disappearing; I'm gone.

I'm spilling my guts out,
for everyone to see.
I am dying inside.
This is honesty.
Track Name: sorry, i'm right
My head's a dirty mirror,
your voice makes things clearer.
Seassw allow this ship whole,
forget everything I know.

And I'm scared,
scared that you don't think of me.
And I'm scared,
scared of what we might not be.

My head's an open wound,
branches left unpruned.
I haven't slept in days,
I'll remember you always.
Track Name: the words i could never say
When I write every chorus and every verse,
it paints a picture of a forest
too deep to navigate.
Through all the things I hate,
through everything in my life,
the depression and the strife.
Where does it end?
Do things ever mend?
I'm beginning to comprehend
that I've gone too far off track,
that nothing can bring me back.
And every time I hit dead low,
I find that there's something below.
Is it these problems in my head,
that keep me awake in bed?
Or the sound of your name
echoing around the image
of your delicate frame?
I want to move 800 miles away from all of this
and forget that your name ever crossed my lips.
I've made my far share of mistakes,
been deprived of my fair share of lucky breaks.
I think it's hope in the future,
I think it's hope in things getting better.
My hope is wavering,
that's all I'm saying.
Where does it end?
Do things ever mend?
My hope is wavering,
that's all I'm saying.