Downer // Casting

by Downer

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released October 7, 2014

Recorded in Tabernacle, NJ
Mastered by Mark Peteritas at Working Man's Productions
Cover Art by Vic Steinman



all rights reserved


downer Tabernacle, New Jersey


Tabernacle, NJ

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Track Name: No Love Lost
Haven't you heard?
I don't exist
Haven't you Heard?
I won't be missed

When my ghost roams the streets
And the pages of this notebook
Missed opportunities and chances I never took

And God knows I'm trying
Good God just know I'm trying
And I couldn't care less anymore
Of what you think about me or what you stand for

When am I gonna get this right
I'm never gonna get this right
I'm tired of trying and i'm tired of lying
Just to get myself through
And that's no thanks to you

I've got no vision for my future
Or the lack there of
I've got no hope for my life
Or the days to come
Track Name: Retrogressive
Late night coffee again
Tracing the words with a paper and pen
Wondering to myself is this always how its been
Watching my life slip away
Like a ship leaving bay

So tell me you love me even if you don't
Because my life's a train wreck and I can't hold this rope
Tell me its alright even if its a lie
Tell me its all right 'cause its all i need tonight

I've grown tired of the person that I am
It makes me sick to the point where I can't stand
I'm putting myself through hell
God I hate myself
Whats the point in finding a place to rest my head
Because I'm already dead

When I wake up up I will think of you
It makes me feel better but I'm still not sure just what to do
Please don't leave me here
Being without you is my biggest fear